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Godzilla and friends is a fan made alternate universe story that takes place after godzilla 2014 about a group of cartoon characters who are transported into a world of magic and live under the rule of Godzilla, king of the titans and together, they have many adventures about friendship,love, responsibility, growing up, and coming of age.



crystal gems


harmony land residents

quartz squad

rose quartzes

off colors



Rex and pals

Littlefoot and friends 



Cenozoic era

Ice age squad


after the events of San Francisco California 2014, Godzilla and some other titans found refuge on a remote island where even monarch couldn't find them but a monster called Flamerampagiapiono came along and messed things up and went to another dimension with Godzilla and the others close behind. Than they ended up in the magical world of equestria, where they enlisted the help of princess twilight sparkle and other heroes from other worlds like dinosaurs Cenozoic mammals, dinotrux etc, where they defeated Rampagia. 4 years later, a new monster called shovelmouth came for planet domination, but as a legendary prophecy was fortolled, the chosen one, Sawyer with the help of her friends slayed shovel with her minions including her henchman jawpincer fleeing for a new strategy. Later, more characters came to make friends with the new locals including arachnia, the crystal gems and the diamonds and after a little scuffle, Steven diamond was accepted back into the diamond family. On Christmas eve, Steven felt something off and without warning corrupted into a rumblehorn dragon, white comforted him when she found out, but than lights bursted in the room with spirit animals dancing in all directions, and with that, queen ghidorah came and cured Steven and brought pink diamond  back. On the 1st day of spring, all of equess cheered on behalf of the return of pink and bowed before her, showing much respect she got during the gem war, soon she threw a ball celebrating a new era between earth creatures and gemkind, but the party was interrupted when jawpincer's forces poorer garnet amethyst and pearl while everyone else fell into the ocean, finding land and heading home, once returning, all of equess' elephants were turned into giant rocks an most of the residents were turned into monsters by order of Keizer ghidorah who targeted the heroes as his next victims. Once the elephants were released from the boulder prison they were headed into a real to their death but pink saved them all just before they hit a 700,000,000 golf fence, earning their respect and earning the elephant crystal.

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